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BattleField 2- Possible Fixes against Crash

I got this Error after installing BattleField 2:
""The application has failed to start because d3dx9_25.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

Inorder to fix this error, you have to download this file from . Then copy that file to battlefield 2 folder.

Posted by: john on 2005-07-26
AMD Athlon 2800 - 512MB DDR RAM - ATI Radeon 9200SE - Creative 4.1 Sound - Win XP SP2

I have fixed d3dx9_25.dll error by downloading this file. But the game still prompts me to install directx 9.0c. I tried so many times updating directx 9.0b by running directx 9.0c setup. No matter how many times i tried i get the same error. When i typed

The problem is directx 9.0b comes preinstalled with windows xp sp2 and there is no way that you can update directx 9.0b to directx 9.0c. To fix this these are possible solutions i propose you.

1. Try uninstalling WinXp sp2 and install previous versions of windows xp. Since previous versions comes with directx 8.x versions preinstalled, updating those versions to direct x9.0c would work fine. THIS WORKED FINE WITH ME.

2. Try uninstalling directx 9.0b using direct x uninstallers like DirectX Happy Uninstall ( or tools.

3. Try enabling Cryptography services from Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services, set to automatic and then run directx setup.


Posted by: john on 2005-07-26
AMD Athlon 2800 - 512MB DDR RAM - ATI Radeon 9200SE - Creative 4.1 Sound - Win XP SP2

I have ATI Radeon 9200 card with 128MB memory. This game starts fine, but when the menu loads, BF2 says that my graphics accelerator has been reset and not responding to graphics driver commands.

When i reduced my ATI card AGP speed to 4x the game worked fine.

Posted by: john on 2005-07-26
AMD Athlon 2800 - 512MB DDR RAM - ATI Radeon 9200SE - Creative 4.1 Sound - Win XP

It won't run at all. Crash to black and then go to desktop... DX9 trouble on Windows Xp SP2

I copied this 2 files in the BF2 main archive (google for them)

D3Dx9_25.dll and D3Dx9_24.dll

BUT!!!! Do it on a fresh install, I don't know what can happen if you do it AND update the game,or update before copying the files, in fact I had so much trouble finding this solution I won't do it until I read i will be ok

Posted by: Alfonso on 2005-09-08
P4 3.4 (LGA 775) 2GB DDR2 MSI 6600 MSI 915P Neo Platinum SB Audigy Value

Black screen (5s) and then go to desktop

When I edited C:\Documents and Settings\name_of_your_profile\My documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\Video.con and changed VideoSettings.setResolution to 800x600@100Hz
game working fine

Posted by: deepblue on 2005-09-09
AMD Athlon 2000 - 1GB DDR RAM - ATI Radeon 9800 Pro - Win XP SP2

Battlefield 2 crashes and gives error message

I uninstalled the game and reinstalled, then updated drivers, then I ran updates. I then clicked Start>>Run type in regedit, deleted my registry and it worked. In game press Alt+F4 and this will fix all problems.

Posted by: Frederickson on 2005-09-12
P6 9.0GHZ 30 GIG RAM 4 TERabyte drive

Menu crach

set AGP 8x to 4x and it work fine

Posted by: Mohamed_Kadafi on 2005-10-08
Athlon 2200+ 1 GB RAM Radeon 9200 Win XP SP2 Catalyst 5.6

Menu crash

set AGP 8x to 4x and it work fine

Posted by: Mohamed_Kadafi on 2005-10-08
Athlon 2200+ 1 GB RAM Radeon 9200 Win XP SP2 Catalyst 5.6

You know your system can run BF3 but keeps crashing or have video lag after 10-30 mins.

You need to delete the page file (swap file) in your virtual memory settings reboot then have the system set the page file automatically. This method will give you a few hours or more to play everytiem until this problem is fixed.... Defrag!

Posted by: Nimo_253 on 2005-10-28
P4 2.6 512MB RAM Foxconn Mobo MSI 5700

Game studders or freezes for ~30 seconds when loading maps and sporadically throughout gameplay.

After reinstalling the game, DX9.0c, video drivers, system drivers, doing all of the recommended audio tweaks, PCI latency, etc, I could not get rid of BF2 studdering. By process of elimination, I decided to bump my monitor refresh rate down to 60Hz and no BF2 works with no studdering or freezing. I'm still able to apply all of my tweaks, run the game at Ultra_High settings and OC my machine with no problems.

Posted by: Noneya on 2005-11-26
A64 Venice 3000+ @ 2500 DFI NF4 Ultra-D (618-3 BIOS) 2x512MB Corsair XMS 32000C2 120GB Maxtor 7200 SATA Quadro FX4400 512MB PCIe (NV48s ES OCZ Modstream 450w WinXP SP2 NGO Modded 81.95 ForceWare drivers

really slow frames per second.

reinstalled motheboard agp chipset drivers. disabled all startup applications with start/run/msconfig.exe.

Posted by: angrysquirrel on 2005-12-11
Athlon 64 3000 o/c'd to 2.24ghz. 1gb ddr 400 ram. geforce 6600gt 128mb video ram. Running windows xp pro w/ sp2.

BF 2 Game starts up and then screen turns black and game crashes to Desktop.

I have a Radeon 9800XT card. I was going nuts. Then I found the problem. The latest drivers for Radeon cards has a problem with EA game software. I contacted Radeon and they told me to go to driver # I had to uninstall their latest driver and go back to their older Radeon Driver Version above. The game worked and I finally go to play. Since that time Radeon has released another newest driver. I haven't tried it yet. Radeon said it should work with BF2....but I don't think they really checked if it did or not. Install this video driver version which can be found on the Radeon website.

Posted by: Rick H on 2006-03-18
3.0 Ghz Pentium 4 1 Gig DDR Ram Radeon 9800XT video card 7200rpm hard drive

When starting shows black screen and crashes to desktop

Was useing reforce to fix refresh rate problem with xp removed settings from reforce and game works fine

Posted by: Russ on 2006-03-21
amd sempron 3200+ geforce 6600 creative 5.1 sound

It happened to me. BF2 though started fine gave me a very lagged performance with sound studdering often which lead frequently crash to desktop. I updated BIOS, installed latest drivers but hasnt really worked.

I found later that my hard disk picked up few errors, where bf2 was loaded. I fixed these errors by running chkdsk utility. The game ran fine without any problems

Posted by: jeepy on 2006-03-22
AMD Athlon 2800 - 512MB DDR RAM - ATI Radeon 9200SE - Creative 4.1 Sound - Win XP SP2

You will experience bf2 often crashing either in desktop or during the game, if you are using Nvidia graphics hardware and forceware drivers.

Many people were suggesting me, that insalling the previous version of forceware drivers like 77.7 might fix your problem with battlefield 2. It worked with me and i am not sure whether it would for others.

Posted by: skinnygal on 2006-03-22
Pentium 4 3 GHz 1,00 GB of RAM Geforce 6200 se

game switched through a couple of resolutions and then just vanished (crashed) on start up after I got a new monitor.

each profile has its own resolution, all my profiles were set with a resolution that my new monitor didn't support, and so the game just crashes when it tries to switch to it.

you can change the profile resolutions manually by going to where the profiles are saved (generally in MyDocuments), and editing "VideoSettings.setResolution" in "" for each profile. do this for every profile, I had to change Default, 0001 and 0002

Posted by: Matt on 2006-03-25
amd64 3500+, 6800GS, 1GB DDR400 in duel channel, 17" LCD (Digital)

After install d3dx9_25.dll still crash back to desktop screen.

I play BF2 & FEAR, one require d3dx9_25 & another require d3dx9_27, My method is,
(1) Update DirectX to version 9.0c ( If u cannot update successful, pls refer above that have someone already mentioned how to solve it)
(2) download all five files , d3dx9_24 to d3dx9_28 ( refer above that have someone already mentioned the download address)
(3) Just unzip it & copy to 2 directory, a) windows/system32 b) BF2 or FEAR game folder
(4) Restart computer, then u can run the games.

Because I think DX9.0c released from Microsoft IS NOT A PERFECT VERSION. It need to patch up with that 5 files to make it complete. SInce maybe other software need one of that files, so I just download all to avoid problem in future. Hope my method can solve your problem.

Posted by: Takeshiblue on 2006-03-27
AMD64 3800+, 6600GT, 1GB RAM, WIN XP-SP2

While Playing BattleField 2 the Game would crash and exit to windows with NO ERROR.

Thought it was the memory so I clocked it back down. Tried the cooling, monitors are not to hot. Then I overclocked system again because it still crashed. Changed my memory clock to 2t and my memory bank to 4-bank/way. Now here is the kick in the tail. While in my bios I disabled enhancement for AGP Performance. Previously I had turned fast read/write off. AGP aperture size is 128mb. I am sure I can change that back to 256mb. Just diable AGP enhancement in bios. Since I did that I played 3 HOURS NO CRASH!!!

Posted by: Ramageddon on 2006-04-02
I have a XP2600+ Running at 2.31ghz w/ a Sapphire x800GT (530mhz GPUcore, 1140mhz memory). (2X512)mb ddr ecc pc2100 running 356mhz(333+OCFSB). On a ABit KD7 Windows XP Pro sp2

BF 2 install don't start.
got installwizard errors with the install.dll and installshutdown

made a new tempfolder and set windows to use the new tempfolder for installing and it all worked great. XP somehow did'nt like the deafult temp folder.
took me two days to figure this out, and no help from the EA support that just told me to read the FAQ.
they offered me a new game if i payed a fee of aditional €10. idiots!

Posted by: banarne on 2006-04-13
Radeon 9600 256mb P4 3.2Ghz 1.5GB RAM

Game Crashed to desktop

Stay away from Starforce. I finally found out why my pc's been crashing to desktop everytime I run Bf2 & Bf1942. Starforce, an anti-piracy software tool that imbeds itself in your registry, was the reason why I was getting the notorious crash to desktop, as well as erratic frame rates.

Here's what it is & what it does: http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/StarForce
Here's how to get rid of it: http://www.glop. org/starforce/detect. php
Here's a list of games that have it: http://www.glop. org/starforce/list. php

It is really sad though, cause it is a really good program that gets the job done, when it comes to anti- piracy, but unfortunately there is just too much negative talk about this program.

Posted by: J Mann on 2006-05-17
AMD XP 2800+ ASUS A7N8X-X 2 gig ddr 3200 Geforce 7800GS OC 120 gig hd Audigy 2 ZS Verizon DSL

BF2 (1.3 patch) crashes to desktop upon completing uploading map

Defrag your RAM, works OK after defragmentation
Anybody else knows anything to fix this problem? please post your instructions

Posted by: neuspeed on 2006-05-28
D930, D955XBK, DDR2 667 OCZ XTX 2G, X1800XT, X-Fi

game crashing after 10 min or just halting after the map loaded.

i set my agp to 4x in the bios and it hasnt crashed since!(i did check for overhateing etc first-not running hot at all)liminting to 4x didnt effect my fps at all,if anything the game runs smoother

Posted by: xxx on 2007-02-15
6600le (256MB) 1gig ram 2.8 p4c

i cant play the game for 15 to 20 minutes and them the game goes to a black screen for like a second and goes to my desktop

does anyone know why im very mad about it

i dident fix it

Posted by: masonadam on 2007-06-16
6200 geforce graphics card